Which Social Media Channel is Right for your Business? Bad Rhino Social Media Marketing

How we work at Bad Rhino:

A lot of times when you talk about marketing it comes out with, “We’re doing this here. We’re doing that here.”, or “This works in this part of the country versus another part of the country.”, or “We’re not really sure what we should do with a print campaign or a postcard campaign.” Then you try to tie it all together on the internet in social media and it becomes it’s own worst enemy. You start thinking too creatively which sounds redundant but it can become it’s own enemy where you’re trying to over think each piece. The biggest thing we’ve done at Bad Rhino working with our clients is making sure that we understand a couple of things. The first thing is what converts best? It doesn’t matter what the medium is. It doesn’t matter whether you define it as social media marketing or print or whatever. You need to know what’s converting best and what works best for their current clients and customers and why they bought. Once you understand that, you can make it much more simpler to then attack any facet of your marketing and you don’t start to, “Hey, this works great on the internet but it didn’t work on radio.” This works great here and you start to create this tornado of a mess and it becomes it’s own enemy then you don’t get anything done. More importantly, it doesn’t convert anymore because you’re confusing everybody.