Picking my brain, The invoice is in the mail

May 16, 2018 Posted by

Time is your most valuable asset. No matter what you do, you can’t buy it back. Unlike money and other resources, you can’t SPEND time then go and earn more of it. It’s not there to buy, rent or borrow. It’s there to be used wisely and to enjoy the benefits.

So what should you do when someone asks to ‘pick your brains’ and how should you ask someone if you could ‘pick their brains’ without being annoying or disrespectful? Tune in to today’ show and learn how Marty safeguards his time and deals with these ‘time-sucking vampires.’

Show Highlights:

– Why everyone needs to learn to respect people’s time ([5:10])

– How to build, strong, lasting business relationships with meaningful gifts ([7:30])

– Marty’s immutable rule for picking someone’s brain ([10:00])

– One phrase that will immediately kill your credibility and could destroy your reputation and a really simple fix ([11:50])

– The perfect way to respond when someone asks to ‘pick your brains’ AND how to ask to pick someone’s brain WITHOUT being annoying or disrespectful ([14:00])

In this episode, you’ll learn some powerful lessons on how to maximize your use of time, by knowing how to respond when someone asks to ‘pick your brains’.

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