Why should I hire you, Because We aren’t Full of Sh*t

May 23, 2018 Posted by

In recent years, social media has exploded and driven many businesses to put a huge focus on their social media marketing.

Today, more of people’s time is spent on social media than ever before, and because the barrier to entry is set so low, it’s relatively easy for businesses to begin using social media to grow their brand.

But just because ‘it’s free’ doesn’t mean everybody is taking full advantage and maximizing their efforts on social media.

In today’s Taps and Tees Show, Marty shares 5 critical things to consider when it comes to hiring a social media agency to help grow your craft beer or golf brand.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

– Why 99% of business owners screw up their social media marketing by trying to do it all themselves ([3:00])
– The glaringly obvious reason you should consider hiring a social media agency to help grow your business ([4:40])
– How to make sure your social media content actually gets seen, consumed AND taken action upon ([7:30])
– The No.1 trait all successful businesses have on social media ([11:00])
How much should you pay for a social media agency? ([14:30])

Hiring a social media agency can be both an important and difficult decision for your business (especially if you’re not well versed in the world of social media marketing). Social media marketing is key to the future growth of your business, so make sure you hire the right person to help you manage it!

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