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June 17, 2020 Posted by

When you’re on top of the search results, SEO is fun. Google sends you free traffic without lifting a finger. But if you’re on page 7 of Google, most people never hear about you. And when you’re not seeing results, it’s hard to justify spending money, time and effort on improving your SEO. 

But SEO doesn’t have to be a bad experience. In this episode, Chris Dreyer from stops by to show you exactly how you can make SEO work without spending a fortune.  

Ready to get more traffic without all the effort? Listen now!

Show highlights include: 

  • How Google can cut your income by 87% overnight—and what you can learn from it. ([4:11])
  • The problem with quick fixes (even if they work). ([5:20])
  • How to get free “virtual real estate” that gets people to line up for your tap room. ([8:08])
  • 3 things that can put you on top of Google Maps’ searches. ([9:09])
  • Do you need a blog to rank high in SEO? ([11:20])
  • The overlooked weakness of social media marketing—and how to shield yourself from it. ([13:28])
  • Why recessions are the perfect time to market more. ([18:34])
  • How Google reviews can ravage or skyrocket your business (and how to optimize them by writing a few words). ([23:40])
  • How golf courses can convert casual golfers into die-hard fans without doing more marketing. ([29:39])

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