Marketing Interviews- Justin Croxton- Propellant Media

June 24, 2020 Posted by

Whether you run a golf course, a brewery or another craft beverage company, you’ll make most of your money from local customers. 

People on the other side of the country won’t walk into your taproom anytime soon. Marketing to them is a waste of money. And if you don’t have the budget of a big corporation, you can’t afford to waste your dollars on people who never show up in person. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about a cutting-edge marketing technology called Geofencing. With Geofencing, you market only to the people in your area who want what you have—the people who’ll walk into your door. 

Today’s guest Justin Croxton does Geofencing for his clients and shows you how to reach more of the customers you want to meet. 

Ready to stop wasting your budget on customers you’ll never meet? Listen now!

Show highlights include:

  • If a marketing agency can tell you this, sign their contract. ([7:25])
  • The easiest “quick win” marketing tactic you can execute now (it costs 3x less than other marketing campaigns). ([11:05])
  • Why a windfall of highly targeted traffic can be worthless. ([15:36])
  • How geofencing gets the competition’s customers to come to you. ([19:40])
  • The “ROI myth” that kills marketing results. ([21:36])
  • Why your brewery needs an online shop. ([26:50])
  • 3 marketing assets you should’ve built 5 years ago—build them now. ([28:46])
  • An easy and free way to find out what your customers want from you. ([30:46])

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