Golf Interviews- Peter Sanders-

September 30, 2020 Posted by

In golf, business, and life there are statistics that hold the key to getting to the next level. The problem is determining the stats you need to track. Chase the wrong stats and you’ll never make any progress. 

But what do you do when others in your field are more interested in protecting their sacred cows than improving?

In this episode, bestselling golf app developer Peter Sanders and I discuss the best stats to improve your golf game, a low-cost marketing strategy for explosive growth, and how you can revolutionize an industry even when gatekeepers try to keep you out.

Show highlights include:

  • How golf magazines make your game worse ([3:15])
  • The surprising way thinking like an insurance analyst will level up your golf game ([5:18])
  • How to put the “Tiger Woods Effect” in play to grow your business faster than you ever thought possible ([9:46])
  • An essential advertising strategy that pays big dividends for the bootstrap entrepreneur ([16:01])
  • Why “Negative Stats” hold the key to dramatic improvement in all areas from the back nine to the boardroom ([21:42])

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