Marketing Interviews- Jason Swenk-

October 14, 2020 Posted by

The world of marketing is full of smoke and mirrors. From phony industry awards to hyped-up marketing, it’s hard to tell the professionals from the scammers.

In this episode, marketing agency owner Jason Swenk discusses how to separate fact from fiction in agency marketing and why understanding marketing can save you time and money, especially when hiring someone else to do it for you. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why flashy, materialistic marketing should make you immediately skeptical of a coach or agency ([10:31])
  • A marketing mistake that repels the clients you most want to work with ([11:19])
  • The insidious secret behind marketing awards and why they shouldn’t matter to you ([11:45])
  • A simple trick to becoming the person that your ideal client can’t resist working with ([15:19])
  • Why understanding the marketing process saves you from blowing all your cash when you hire an agency ([20:27])

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