Marketing Interviews ~ Darren Fox ~

November 25, 2020 Posted by

Every business knows that they need a website. But your website is more than just an online business card. 

When done properly, your website builds customer relationships before they ever set foot in your doors. 

In this episode, web designer Darren Fox discusses how to maximize revenue from your website and a mistake business owners make that leads to throwing money away on web design.

Show highlights include:

  • Why the first step in developing an effective website that grows your business has nothing to do with building your website ([7:16])
  • The smartest team building move you can make as a business owner if you want to dominate your market ([13:11]
  • Why viewing your website as an online brochure is costing you a fortune in lost revenue ([13:38])
  • How a forced shut-down of your physical location can skyrocket your business ([18:13])
  • The Social Media secret for making customers feel like they know you even if they’ve never visited your business ([21:32])

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