Marketing Interviews~ Jack Jostes~

December 9, 2020 Posted by

In local marketing, getting qualified leads is the name of the game. And if you can make it easy to find you, then you can leapfrog the competition. But how do you do this? SEO? Social media? Your website?

In this episode, local marketing expert Jack Jostes discusses the best ways to generate the qualified leads you need to grow your business quickly.

Show highlights include:

  • Why getting fewer leads helps you make more sales and revenue ([3:05])
  • The surprising reason your marketing is ruining your life and how to fix it today ([4:10])
  • The “Introspective Approach” to identifying the perfect niche for your business ([11:57])
  • The “Rule of 10” method for boosting your local search ranking and generating tons of business ([16:38])
  • How one simple to add web page helps you generate more qualified leads than ever before ([18:08])
  • The “6 Month Rule” for identifying a bad habit you need to eliminate from your life ([25:44])

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