Bombtech to Email Marketing~ Tyler “Sully” Sullivan

March 17, 2021 Posted by

The power of email marketing is unquestionable. You can create a community of the best customers, build an authentic platform of brand recognition, and do it all while still having time to golf (or down a few beers). 

But sending emails that don’t look like ‘preachy sales letters’ is where most entrepreneurs fail. 

In this episode, Bombtech Golf CEO and co-founder of Ecom Growers Tyler Sullivan discusses what makes email marketing authentic to a thriving business and the truth about developing relationships through an inbox. 

Show highlights include:

  • The “accidental entrepreneur” approach to building a brand in a competitive space instantly. ([0:40])
  • How to have the conversations that attract loyal buyers and sell at seven-figure rates today. ([8:28])
  • Why no one responds to your emails and how to have the authentic approach to your inbox that offers a product everyone loves. ([17:12])
  • How to instantly engage with your community and launch products and offers (without feeling cheesy). ([19:28])

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