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“How Writing a Book Can Generate Leads & Influence”

Interviewed by Jason Swenk
“Growing a Marketing Agency”
(Run Time – [17:31])

Are you looking to become the authority in your agency’s niche? Writing a book can have a tremendous affect on your business by helping you build authority. You can also use your book to start conversations with potential clients and generate new agency business. Check out this simple strategy that is getting one digital agency owner some amazing results.

In this episode, Jason and Marty cover:

    • Who has time to write a book?
    • 3 easy steps to writing a book.
    • 4 tips for using your book to generate new business.


Social Media Marketing for Podcasters

Interviewed by Jessica Rhodes
“Episode 126: Social Media Marketing for Podcasters”
(Run Time – [33:27])

Social Media for Podcasters

A podcaster’s social media strategy should be to use as many social media platforms as their listeners are using. Tracking your downloads and points of engagement is essential. Email lists are still a tried and true way to distribute your podcast. Audiences need to be conditioned, so tell your audience what you want them to do.  Send out an email to your list every day, and be consistent. Marty says it’s all about taking the time, and being consistent.

“Craft Beer Marketing with Bad Rhino’s Marty McDonald”

Interviewed by Amanda
“Craft Beer Marketing with Bad Rhino’s Marty McDonald ”
(Run Time – [45:42])

“240 Social Media Bad Rhino Inc Marty McDonald”

Interviewed by Bill Conrad
“240 Social Media Bad Rhino Inc Marty McDonald”
(Run Time – [74:50])