Marketing Interview- Duncan Alney- Firebelly Marketing

June 23, 2021 Posted by

Most people want a ‘quick fix’ to their marketing problems without putting in the time or energy. They end up working with flashy marketers who promise that you never have to work (and can spend your days cruising in a Porsche). 

But sales don’t magically happen…and the online world is changing faster than ever. Having the right funnel is key to getting the traffic that converts (and being adaptable in the online world).

In this episode, you’ll learn how to drop the ‘luxury life’ hacks of the internet for a sales funnel that always converts (and constantly improves). 

Show highlights include:

  • How to avoid working with the ‘con artists’ of the internet and partner with the most authentic, successful people today. ([2:46])
  • Why putting people first and having the right values attracts the traffic that converts. ([15:01])
  • How to build an indestructible sales funnel that makes the money you want (no matter what size your audience is). ([20:05])
  • Why being patient makes the most sales in any online environment. ([30:12])

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