Marketing Interviews~ Mike Wagner~ Blue Marsh Insurance

March 31, 2021 Posted by

You might be surprised to find out that a brewery has more risks and exposure than a typical restaurant or bar. What’s more surprising is that your insurance policy might not know the difference…and then you’re stuck with a large batch of contaminated beer and nothing to sell.

Coverage should protect your brewery and the beer. Don’t lose money on the craft you love from unique circumstances even your insurance agent couldn’t predict. 

In this episode, Mike Wagner, a brewery insurance expert, reveals the biggest mistakes a brewer makes in buying insurance today and how to protect your craft from unique financial losses tomorrow. 

Show highlights include:

  • Why breweries are overlooked in the world of business insurance – and the coverage that instantly saves you money. ([0:22])
  • The best time to purchase coverage and what your policy needs for preserving the brewing process and your equipment today. ([6:15])
  • The questions to ask an insurance agent that will protect your brewery and land the best price possible. ([9:34])
  • What COVID-19 reveals about insurance policies and protecting your craft from future risks. ([13:48])

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