Its Great Beer Now What?

April 4, 2018 Posted by

Welcome to The Taps And Tees Show: The podcast dedicated to showing people passionate about golf and craft beer, the no BS way of marketing their brand in a noisy online world to get real results.

In this pilot episode, your host Marty Mcdonald talks about his marketing agency; Bad Rhino Inc, his love for all things beer and golf, as well as an insight for future shows to come.

Here Are The Highlights:

– How to leverage paid online marketing to get the most for your brand ([4:40])
– The most common reason why even the best beer and golf brands fall apart and how to make sure you don’t make the same mistake ([7:00])
– A simple but hugely overlooked benefit of hiring an agency to help you with your brand marketing ([7:35])
– How to put your social media marketing on STEROIDS ([8:00])

Crack open a beer, tune in and enjoy today’s show!

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