Organic doesn’t work

April 18, 2018 Posted by

Facebook plays a critical role in the success of most businesses today.

It’s a fantastic way to connect with your customers and share information about your business – almost instantaneously. But recently, Facebook’s organic reach has been steadily declining, dying a slow, painful death which has made it harder than ever to reach people organically. It’s becoming very much a ‘pay to play’ social media platform – which is understandable. At the end of the day, Facebook is a business.

But don’t let that deter you.

In today’s Taps and Tees show, you’re going to discover some handy tips and hacks to revive your organic reach back from the dead.

Show Highlights:

– What does ‘organic growth’ actually mean? ([1:20])
– The two different traffic sources your business should be focussing on ([1:40])
– The reason behind Facebook’s rapidly declining organic reach and what you need to be focussing on instead ([4:40])
– 2 vital components to boosting your organic social media reach ([5:50])
– Four simple steps to getting your content seen by more potential customers on Facebook ([8:10])
– Why posting MORE could be hurting your business ([11:15])
– Why automating everything is a really bad idea ([12:00])
– A quick hack to boost your Facebook organic reach almost immediately ([15:50])

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