Marketing Interviews- Justin Christianson- Conversion Fanatics

May 20, 2020 Posted by

Hundreds of people want to tell you how to market. They all sell tactics, hacks and tools that worked for them. 

But what works for them might not work for you.

You’ll only know what works by testing and watching your numbers. Justin Christianson does that for a living. He knows what works in marketing—and what burns your hard-earned cash. 

In this episode, Justin stops by to tell you what burns your cash in marketing, which agencies to run from and why he stopped drinking while he was sponsored by Budweiser.

Want to learn what really works in marketing? Listen now! 

Show highlights include: 

  • An Arizona researcher wrote this “bible of better conversions” in the 80s—have you read it? ([9:35]
  • This “accounting mindset” will burn your marketing dollars—here’s how to think the opposite.  ([12:09])
  • Why being a workaholic is good. ([18:39])
  • Amateur marketers will lie to you for $10k per month—don’t become their client!. ([18:54])
  • Why overnight conversion improvements are worthless, even if they bring in cash. ([25:37])
  • How golf marketing is changing and what your kids can learn from it. ([35:26])

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