Marketing Interviews ~ Drew Hendricks~

December 2, 2020 Posted by

Conducting business online is more important than ever before. But it’s not as simple as putting your products online and watching the sales roll in. 

Businesses that previously relied on in-person visits have to figure out how to translate the one-of-a-kind experiences they provide to e-commerce to maintain consistent sales.

In this episode, marketing expert Drew Hendricks discusses the importance of the customer journey and how to successfully take your physical business online.  

Show highlights include:

  • An unexpected way studying philosophy makes sales easier than you ever thought possible ([2:58])
  • How to turn a physical business into an online success immediately ([9:45])
  • The “Gen Z” reason that you need to take your business online ASAP or miss a ton of sales ([14:11])
  • The “Store Clerk” method for replicating the in-person shopping experience online ([16:50])
  • How misunderstanding the customer journey can bankrupt your business  ([22:11])
  • How the virtual community model makes your cash register ring even when customers aren’t physically there ([24:16])

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